We Are All Brothers In The Brothel


Right, so I’m closing down the forum. After some deliberation, I have decided that the effort put into creating new content for the Brothel is preventing me from doing other work and other writing. It’s particularly changed the way in which I process, reflect, and correspond, and I’m not entirely happy with the transformation.

I’d like to thank you all for the time you’ve spent keeping the chatter alive, and for considering this place to be a worthwhile destination. I’m pleased that you’ve found something to read here that was entertaining and worth coming back for. It’s been fun, and I’ve really enjoyed trying to make this a place that would be more than just a collection of my whims and whimsy. The fact that you posted and interacted and returned has meant a great deal.

Thank you for helping keep the Brothel beautiful.

Your Ex-Forum Hosts:

So Long, Farewell...

PETE        and         BEN

Officialness and Officiality
Official Motto: “LALON EN GLOSSAIS”
Translation: “Speaking in Tongues”
Official Dystopic Sci-Fi Future Motto:
“放 纵 疯 狂 的 结”
Pronunciation: “Fahng-Tzong Fung-Kwong Duh Jeh”
Translation: “A Knot of Self-Indulgent Lunacy”
Official Flower: The “Joan’s DesireRose
Official Television Show:Sports Night
Official Tartan: Bristow Helicopters
Official Anthem:Step Right Up
Official Bird: Pink-Footed Goose
Official Gemstone: Lapis Lazuli
Official Fossil: Taniwhasaurus
Official Tree: The Linden

Contributors and Community:
Anna Withington
Beck Wilson
Brian Corchran
Chris Small
Deanna Hammarsten
Douglas Townsend
James A. Wu
Max Hodes
Phil Larose

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  1. Compendiantics | said,

    […] cats cradled. All of which is why I have been quite of late, on this front, over on Jehanne, and at the Brothel, as I’ve been attempting to once again find the pitch and yaw of normalcy, or what passes for […]

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