GALLERY: Business Cards in Cinema

24 December, 2013 at 11:09 pm (film)

Still don’t have enough of these to warrant their own website yet, so just the occasional post, then. Like the last one, these are screencaps of business cards I’ve encountered in films, which interest me as a narrative device, as examples of real and fake phone numbers, and whether they are bog-standard insert shots or primary character shots. Also, like the last post, I’ve included one television card in the mix, because I’m fond of the show.

The In-Laws - Dr. Sheldon Kornpett

Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World - Ramona Flowers

Sneakers - Gregor Ivanovich

Marlowe - Philip Marlowe

The Drowning Pool - Elaine

The Blues Brothers - Burton Mercer, as played by John Candy

The Good Wife - Louis Canning

Lastly, I seem to have acquired one of the last cards from The Blues Brothers Central fansite. They have a second card on their site, which I have capped independently for this post, but I wanted to give credit for probably stealing the Murph card from them last time. I don’t remember doing it, but after comparing the images, I’m pretty sure I must have done. So, thanks for your addition to my ongoing project.

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