BRIEFLY: J’accuse!

17 August, 2010 at 1:38 pm (webjunk)

A brief history:

Lenin: J'accuse!
The West Wing: The Indians in the Lobby: J'accuse!
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: J'accuse!
Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour: Wallace Wells: J'accuse!


  1. j'accuse ted hughes said,

    what, no room for zola?

    the original and (after ww) best.

  2. j'accuse ted hughes said,

    *ww meaning ‘wallace wells’, by the way, not ‘west wing’.

  3. Benjamin Russell said,

    I’m only ever seen the Lenin picture associated with the original Zola essay of “J’Accuse!”, but I agree having an editorial cartoon in response to his open letter (j’assume!) is an excellent starting point for the mini-gallery. If only he were pointing.

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