BRIEFLY: Toastmaster General

21 July, 2010 at 10:14 am (benjamin, clerical, comics)

If I were still using the “melbatoast” domain name and web-handle, I would have loved these photos from Paul Cornell‘s blog entry about the seeing geek chic fliers for local “virtual eatery” the House of Toast at CONvergence. And if that doesn’t mean anything to you at all, don’t worry, just enjoy this:

House of Toast - Lack of Faith flier

I know some of you quite enjoyed the mild confusion you felt about why I’d chosen “melbatoast” (or even “m3lbatoast”) as my online identity, and some of you haven’t successfully transitioned from the old page to this one (especially since I just killed it with nary a transitional announcement). In any case, I hope you haven’t found your lack of toast disturbing.

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  1. elli said,

    That’s because in German it’s called Zwieback, which is often what all of us were teethed on. That said, they make a nice variant with coconut and sugar on top which is unexpected and yummy.

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