Workplace Final Fantasy

4 June, 2010 at 3:57 pm (webjunk)

It’s been heavily blogged and retweeted that a woman has filed a wrongful termination suit claiming that she was fired from her bank job for being too hot.

That’s her and her lawyer’s wording, her colleagues are summarized as saying that “her appearance was too distracting.” I put it to you that her appearance was distracting not because of some overwhelming attraction, but because it’s hard to concentrate whilst working alongside a CGI person; you would always be looking for flaws, for pixelation, and finding yourself staring into the abyss of the Uncanny Valley, and finding it staring back into you.

As to my proof that Ms. Lorenzana is an unreal, computer-generated hologram, I offer the following photographic evidence: she is clearly an upgraded version of Dr. Aki Ross from Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, who was similarly described by the New York Times headline writers as “Perfect” and “Gorgeous”. Please consider the following to be Exhibit A.

Ms. Debrahlee Lorenzana and Dr. Aki Ross

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