19 October, 2009 at 2:11 am (dear diary)

Many of my northeasterly friends posted Facebook or Twitter updates this afternoon that were variations on the following: “What? Snow! Interrobang?! Nooooo! Not yet, it’s too early; I’m not prepared! Argh!” Stuff and nonsense along those lines.

I looked out my window this midmorning to see a slow descent of slush mixed in with a moderate amount of rain. It hardly had the fortitude to be called “snow”. It was wet and barely corporeal whilst falling, and when it hit the ground, it quickly was indistinguishable from the liquidity of its more prevalent falling companions. The ground has absorbed it, and unless there’s a truly tumultuous temperature drop tonight, I expect to see no ice nor snow nor even frost upon the morn.

But as people bundle themselves againt the oncoming onslaught of cold, I choose to warm myself with this: for the next eleven weeks, until right after New Year’s Eve, there will be egg nog once again available for purchase in my local supermarket. That will warm the cockles of my heart for a while, the eventual actual accumulation of snowfall be damned.

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