BRIEFLY: Don’t Take Maine For Granite

25 August, 2009 at 3:25 am (film, new hampshire)

Dear Tony Scott, and the producers, writers, and FX team for Enemy of the State:

If your second-tier bad guy is going to be a conservative Republican from New Hampshire — and why not? There’s a fine pedigree of inspiration to justify the characterization — don’t have a scene where your ex-NSA tech genius pulls his address off of his phone records and shows his residence as being in Maine. MAINE! That’s an outrage!

Oh, and I see that the IMDB points out that the zip code for Maine on his address is for Washington, DC. And as the screencaps below show, his name changes from “Sam” to “Steven”. Last I knew, Samuel wasn’t a derivation or nickname of Stephen, as one is Hebrew and one is from the Greek. Well done, everyone. Well done, indeed.

Congressman Albert from New Maineshire, D.C.

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