SKETCH: An Explanation

2 July, 2008 at 2:39 pm (clerical)

Zero Punctuation: What.I now have over a year of draft posts saved on various places around my computer. Folders of browser tabs and bookmarks, evocative images on my desktop, and anecdotes from events now well past their shelf date of relevance.

Stan Sakai: Hulk signatureI wasn’t entirely certain what to do with this digital scrapbook, and considered a simple purge, a mass deletion. Because if I looked upon these stray thoughts and thought, “Was this really worth sharing?” then what would other people think? But I was inspired by the twin sources of Nalyn and OAA, the former who encouraged me to embrace my quikjot origins of electronic communication, without needing to expound at length or significance; and the latter of whom has seriously updated her blogging by at least 600% since she threw her lot in with the shortform communication style of Tumblr.

Blue Beetle: I am a DENTIST!I don’t like the lack of comment ability on Tumblr, or else I’d just divest myself of these stray scrips and scraps there, but that’s the model I’ll be working with. So if you see a post — particularly a post that suddenly appears with an old date on it — tagged or prefixed with “Sketch”, then you know it’s part of my clearinghouse, and it may just sit there, context- and commentary-free. Tell me if you like them, and I may also find myself updating this blog more than my typical twice a month.

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