The Great Confluence

15 March, 2008 at 5:23 pm (music)

Emmy the Great in the New Yorker by Yuko ShimizuIs it wrong to be interested in a musician just because of the way s/he looks? I have frequently been flipping through the used/cheapo section of my local CD store and happened upon an album that looks interesting because the photography, design, and — above all — the singer looked interesting. I have yet to actually buy an album just because I like the looks of the chanteuse, but I have certainly contemplated doing so.

But now with the internet, it’s a wonderously no-harm, no-foul situation: a songstress catches my eye, and all I have to do is look her up on or do a Bloglines search to see if anyone has posted some of her songs for sampling and consideration. So I was pleased to trip across the above illustration of Emmy the Great in the New Yorker and then have the Vulture point me in the direction of some of her songs a mere two days later. This is confluence of pleasing proportions. I am older than the protagonist in the mellifluously charming song “24”, but it is the one of the three that most struck me personally, and not just because of the references to the Jack Bauer Hour of Power Hour.

As EtG is the band, and more than simply the as-depicted Emma Moss, I shall now resist saying “she” when I refer to them. Give them a spin.

Additional Resources:
     + Official Website
     + video sessions
     + MySpace page, with one streaming song at present
     + Buy their 7″ vinyl single

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