18 December, 2007 at 7:25 pm (batman)

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Batman-themed post, so here’s a still from the newly-released trailer for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming sequel, The Dark Knight:

Gotham's mayor and Lt. James Gordon in The Dark Knight

I realize that this isn’t the most dynamic, stunning, or cinematic image from the trailer. It’s not Bruce Wayne cradling his bat-mask despondently, it’s not the Joker standing in the middle of the street, it’s not the infamous bat-cycle, it’s not Batman’s silhouette against the Gotham skyline. Nope, it’s Gary Oldman with a moustache and some other bloke. Not especially promotional.

BatmanuelUntil! Until you realize that the some-other-bloke in particular is none other than Nestor Carbonell. Carbonell has been doing a good job for himself recently playing a series of hot, vaguely psychotic toughs in fare like Cane, Lost, Smokin’ Aces, and Daybreak, but I choose to believe that the reason why he was cast in this role was not due to his rakish good looks and his suave, leaderly demeanor. No, I think it’s a fabulous nerd cameo, because Carbonell has played Batman’s Latin analogue in the live action series of The Tick. That’s right: the second Batman movie features Batmanuel.

Best nerd cameo ever, I claim. Although, like on Lost, it may make it a little difficult for me to take his scenes seriously.

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