I’m Not

28 September, 2006 at 12:56 pm (webjunk)

From Despair.com, the people that brought you the motivational satire posters, there is now DIY Despair, which allows you to accompany your favourite images with bold, forthright, depressing statements. Make Your Own motivational posters are not a new concept. The Star Trek ones have made the rounds, and many are quite amusing, regardless of whether you have a passing familiarity with Trek and its ilk.

Diversity: 'Yes. We're All IndividualsBut while it’s not a new idea, it is a handy and a timely one. Scant hours before parents arrived at school for “Back to School Night” — a quaint and fearsome colloquialism for Parent/Teacher Night that has few virtues aside from the fact that it avoids looking like the title for some truly unfortunate slashfic — a liberal dose of posters extolling the virtues of individuality and ethnic diversity were plastered over the walls. The actual ethnic makeup of the school lacks spectra, and the posters were more the highlighting of an intellectual ideal than they were a reflection of population or tolerance, and this was made more clear by the Motivational Style formatting of the posters, as if black borders and bold white typesetting would somehow inspire us to discover untold phenotypes within ourselves. The obvious clash between the actual students and the happy rainbow of model-bright smiles they were walking past inspired me to conceptualize another diversity poster for the walls.

And now the online toolset of Despair.com has made it happen. Thanks Despair.com!

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