Waiting for Superman

24 June, 2006 at 4:00 pm (film, music)

I AM CONSUMED! I have allowed the spirit of Superman to ride me like the loa. This is necessary like breathing, because right now the only thing keeping me from curling up into a ball of impoverished, jobless depression is the expectant, bubbly pre-joy at the prospect of Superman Returns. I even researched where the closest 3-D IMAX cinema was (1 hour, twenty minutes away in Manchester, CT) in case I decided that I wanted to get not just consumed but utterly bloody immolated with Superman-anticipation.

It's Kryptonite... and it's KER-AY-ZEE!To aid me in this obsession, I have been logging on to the Quaker Oats ‘Win Superman Merchandise’ website every day and duly plugging in the little “no purchase necessary” code. And this morning, I won some Silly Putty! It’s not called Silly Putty, of course, because it’s not made by Binney & Smith. And despite the fact that it looks an awful lot like Gak or Gloop or something patented by Nickelodeon, consumer reports indicate that it’s essentially Silly Putty. No word yet on whether it can reproduce mirror images of the comics page from the Daily Planet. Anyway, that was nice, seeing as I had failed to win either free tickets or a laptop in various other Superman-related sweepstakes.

Until then, I rely on music to keep my eagerness on a quiet simmer. Chris McLaren, blog commenter extrordinaire, once pointed me towards a miscellany of Superman-related MP3s, which claimed to be the Top 20 Superman Songs. I was bemused by the fact that they named the post after a Sufjan Stevens song that they didn’t include, and noticed one or two other discrepancies in opinion. As they make sure that their links are no longer valid after a brief period of time, I have compiled my own list of top Super-tunes, which I will have on high rotation until Wednesday:

  1. Lazlo Bane, “Superman“, Scrubs soundtrack
  2. Crash Test Dummies, “Superman Song“, God Shuffled His Feet
  3. Iron and Wine, “Waiting for a Superman“, Yeti Compilation #2
  4. Sufjan Stevens, “The Man From Metropolis Steals Our Hearts“, Illinois
  5. John Williams, “Main Title March (alternate)“, Superman: The Movie soundtrack

Also of note is the ReFrederator cartoon podcast, which is going to be making a classic Max Fleischer Superman cartoon available to watch each day next week. The cartoons aren’t long on plot — or indeed, dialogue — but they are lovely to look at, and truly exemplary of the sort of three-dimensionality that hand-drawn animation can exhibit. As you count down to Wednesday, I hope you give ReFrederator some of your bandwidth.

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  1. Chris McLaren said,

    I also thought it was odd Mocking Music left out the Crash Test Dummies track. I mean they’re a Canadian blog, CTD is a Canadian band, and it’s a good tun–how could they have not listed it. I fear the answer is that they are all too young to remember when the (excellent) video for Superman’s Song was in heavy rotation on MuchMusic.I have lost all urge to go see Superman Returns–I mean, no matter how good it is, I won’t be having drinks afterwards with Kristen Bell.

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