97 cm of Dutch courage

24 May, 2006 at 4:44 pm (benjamin)

This lack of resistance is unsettling... could it be... A RUSE?!!97 cm of Dutch courageWell, despite my earlier feelings of competence, Star Wars: Jedi Academy has quickly turned into a morass of Sith v. Jedi combat, and I’m just not a skilled enough gamer to actually win battles through any sort of ability. It’s essentially a process of quicksaving at each Sith outpost and then screaming, collapsing, and quickloading repeatedly until I get a lucky torso hit. Because my computer has enough lag and because I can’t seem to master the combos, every lightsaber battle is less choreagraphed than it is accidental. None of which makes for inspiring or compelling gameplay.

So, I may need to put this back on the shelf until I can afford to acquire a faster computer, or a least a processing accelerator. The main argument for the former is te impending release of the LEGO Star Wars: Original Trilogy game, which will doubtless fail to run on my machine by the time that Aspyr gets around to re-engineering it for the Mac. And a new machine with the dual-boot Intel capability would allow me to not have to wait for Aspyr anyway.

However, while I may need to hang up my lightsaber, I will get to wield a sabre from long, long ago and far, far away: an 18th century Dutch rapier is currently shipping my way from the Netherlands (pictured on the right). While some parents might have thought that an updated computer would be a good practical gift for a recent Masters graduate, mine went for the gloriously useless antique sword option that I’d cavalierly added to my gift list in order to fill it out somewhat. As a deeply impractical person, myself, I am enamored both of the gift and the people who got it for me. Zombies beware! This is the kind of Dutch courage that I prefer: almost a meter of two hundred year old steel. That’ll get me through the long dark night of the soulless.

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