23 May, 2006 at 12:23 am (benjamin)

With all the rights, honors, and dignities thereunto.

Unsurprisingly, it’s particularly hard to find keychains, hats, et al. at the Simmons bookstore that read “Alumnus”.

While the commencement address was given by the eloquent and honest Eve Ensler, I was particularly interested to see what President Daniel Sargeant Cheever, Jr. was like before he retired and I wouldn’t have the chance. The Boston Globe had just written up a rather glowing profile of his tenure at Simmons and the transformations he had spearheaded, and it made me wish I’d been more involved in the community he’d helped reinvigorate.


  1. Chris McLaren said,

    Do we have to address you as “Master B3n” now?

  2. Benjamin Russell said,

    Disappointingly enough, a Masters doesn’t come with commonly used letters after one’s name or with prefixes of note. Saying “Benjamin Russell, MLIS” is ridiculously pretentious, as it’s just not done. To point it out in that manner, therefore, is terrifyingly self-aggrandizing. Masters don’t even get the equivalent of “Esq.”!And, despite my numerous STAR WARS posts, I find “Master Russell” to be far too jedi.

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