You’ll All Be Sorry

31 January, 2006 at 1:12 am (batman)

FACT: A Roundtable Interview with the 2005 Best Director Oscar nominees
ANSEN: So many of your movies this year moved audiences to tears. Do you cry easily in movies?

CLOONEY I cried at the premiere of “Batman and Robin.” [Laughter] I cried for a week.

Newsweek, 6 February 2006.

FICTION: The Commentary Track to Batman & Robin
George Clooney in GOOD NIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK and as Batman in BATMAN & ROBINSCHUMACHER: Yeah, yeah, It really is seamless. George, I think you had a funny story about this scene, when you…

CLOONEY: …When I saw this scene in the dailies, absolutely. Yes.

SCHUMACHER: What was it you said? That you could almost…I can’t remember. What did you say again?

CLOONEY: Well, we were watching the dailies, and you had this scene at the beginning, of us putting on our batsuits…it was originally much longer, if I recall…

SCHUMACHER: Oh, yes, the ass scene originally took almost forty minutes.

CLOONEY: …And I just sort of buried my face in my hands and started weeping… I said, “I can almost hear the sound of my integrity as it slowly seeps into the dirt, along with my hopes and dreams of being taken seriously as an actor.”

SCHUMACHER: Ha ha! That’s a great story.

—Gail Simone, You’ll All Be Sorry, 23 January 2001.

Thanks to Matt Fraction for the pointer to the article.

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