Good Night.

29 November, 2005 at 6:42 pm (clerical, film)

Many changes have been afoot, and much activity has been imminent, so there hasn’t been much typing of late. Just in the last five days I’ve driven to New Hampshire, eaten two Thanksgiving dinners, spent ten hours in transit to a church in Pittsburgh — flying, waiting, flying again, busing, and then walking about fifteen to eighteen blocks — then three changes of company in quick succession, more walking, then busing, flying, weather delays, more flying, and landing and being presented with the unsightly spectacle of a $2,000 vehicle repair and inspection bill for a $1,600 car. Then cake, then more driving.

And all this happened after a week of frantic internet activity. The V announced that it was going to be leaving the chilly embrace of Prospero’s Delphi Forums system in favour of the more flexible and totally free Beehive Forums system. With them went went many of the other assorted WEFugee forums, including those hosted by Dan, Keith, JOSH, and Ted. Which, with the exception of my own little humble Delphi Forum, comprised a pretty comprehensive list of all the reasons why I subscribed to Delphi’s services in the first place. So, I had to figure out how to host a Beehive forum of my own. (Click and join!)

From -- David Strathairn as Edward R. Murrow.And to do that, I had to download Beehive and phpMyAdmin, install them both, get the rights to create a database on my webhosting, discover that I didn’t have the right permissions through phpMyAdmin, do lots and lots of searching and tweaking of the prefs to try to correct this, try to lean MySQL, contact my hosting service, discover they provided a much better and cleaner version of phpMyAdmin, delete a database, create a new database, install Beehive, delete phpMyAdmin, and then configure the new version of The Brothel. So that was the previous five days before the previous five days. There’s still a missed week of posting in there someplace, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

So, here’s my minor story from Thanksgiving, to help allieviate the long silence: The week before, despite the fact that I have been trying to reduce my spending, I had gone to see George Clooney’s Good night, and good luck. at my local cinema. In part this was because of the immensely favourable review it received from the keen eye of Andrew Wheeler, but also out of the sheer surpise of finding it at my local commercial movie house instead of at the nearby art theatres. A few days later, at the traditional family outing of Going To See A Cheesey Movie In Order To Get Out Of The House After Thanksgiving, the even more commercial movieplex had a pile of miniature posters for Good night, and good luck, with a photocopied flier available for the public to take. However, the flier wasn’t supposed to be there. The flier was actually a photocopy of a letter from Warner Independent’s promotional department, detailing instructions that would allow the theatre manager to download the actual flier, and any additional P.R. materials he wished. Included in the letter was the password that would allow one to download hi-rez images, and other virtual press-kit materials. The flier that the letter asked the theatre manager to photocopy instead of the letter was nowhere to be seen.

Naturally, I snagged one. That’s two major studios I can now get press materials from. Only fourteen to go.

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