Calvin and Hobbes

4 May, 2005 at 5:46 pm (comics, webjunk)

Along the lines of the Gillen film, this is another digital project I’ve been planning on getting ’round to for quite some time. However, while the Gillen footage was taken in November of 2002, I clipped the original version of this from the newspaper almost ten years ago. Long before I knew of a computer program that would allow me to animate pictures, I knew not only that there had to be one but that one would eventually come into my possession. Thank goodness for free scanner software and Adobe Elements, for I can now animate GIFs to my heart’s content.

Bill Watterson has been very outspoken about controlling licensed and unlicensed reproduction of his creations, and with the recent announcement of the publication of The Complete Calvin and Hobbes, a number of C&H archives have disappeared from the web. I don’t begrudge either Watterson or Andrews McMeel the right to control their product, and I repoduce the following strip only as reference and context for the following animated image. After all, while I assume and hope that Watterson assumed and hoped that people would cut out these images and paste them onto three by five cards and staple them together into a flipbook, scanning them into Photoshop Elements, making the slightly uneven squares match, and making a digital flipbook is much the same impulse.

Calvin and Hobbes strip from 18/06/05.  Reproduced with respect, but without permission.

Stick Figure Natural Selection

And rest assured that I will be plonking down a hundred and fifty dollars in October when that gorgeous behemoth hits shelves.

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