Motivational Punishment

2 March, 2005 at 7:28 pm (comics, webjunk)


Sorry, PUNISHER has been discontinued... how about a nice CAPTAIN AMERICA poster?

It doesn’t surprise me that someone has discontinued the above Punisher Motivational Poster. It also fails to surprise me that someone in Marvel’s increasingly omnipresent marketing department — I’m not willing to track down the webpage of the new venture partnership they’ve embarked upon where one can pay for Marvel Superhero Clip Art — thought it was a good idea to to have a gun-toting, skull-wearing vigilante on a cubicle-sized motivational poster.

No, that sort of appalling ignorance is in perfect keeping with the sort of marketing folks that create children’s action figures based upon characters in Rated-R movies. And I’m not even talking about the MacFarlane Toys line, as those action figures are primarily designed for adult collectors, no I’m talking about the vintage TERMINATOR 2 action figures and the like, before the “Grown-Up” Toy Market really ballooned. Marketing execs are soulless freaks, embodying a particular combination of fierce imagination and total lack of social awareness. And besides, the Punisher was in a recent film (although the poster has been around for about two years) and is therefore a recognizable commodity.

No, what really gets me is that someone felt that a Captain America Motivational Poster about patriotism would be a suitable substitution for the sort of person who would be buying a Punisher Motivational Poster in the first place. That’s just mind-boggling.

By the way, the “motivational” text on the Punisher poster is as follows: “To fight when others fold, pursue while others retreat, conquer while others quit, and make right when all else is wrong.”

Woo! Makes me want to buckle down and improve my corporate efficiency rating, I tellya!


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