Journals: Live and Otherwise

7 December, 2004 at 4:26 pm (dear diary, music)

If I had a LiveJournal, today’s header would look something like this:

Feeling: ice-encrusted floating cat head Cold.
Listening to: “Like the Weather” by 10,000 Maniacs, In My Tribe

Fortunately, I keep myself to merely blogging, which is slightly less touchy-feely. The lack of comments and drama is really what appeals to me; I understand that many people feel that the greatest potentiality of the graphic interface computer is one of interactivity, but I’d rather not interact with every house-ridden emotional basketcase available simply in order to fulfill my computer’s potential. And, as a Konfabulator widget cheerfully informs me, I am using between seventy-three and ninety-one percent of my CPU capacity at the moment, so I feel like potentiality is pretty damn close to being achieved. Or perhaps I simply need a new computer. First, however I need a graduate degree and a job.

One more thing about journals: after being asked by a fellow student about what a high school freshman might enjoy reading, I pulled out my sophomore-year diary, in which I recorded each book I read over the course of my sixteenth year. I was pleased to find a vaguely practical use for the contents, for — as with every time I pull the journal out every few years, once the previous pain has receded — I re-experienced my usual response to reading the facile writings within: why haven’t I set this on fire and scattered the ashes?

Something to think about when I revisit these blog entries in twenty years.


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