Arlo and Albert

10 November, 2004 at 6:04 pm (comics)

It's like Alan Moore's SWAMP THING all over again...w00t! Got name-checked in Jimmy Johnson’s daily ARLO & JANIS website, in which he shares thoughts about the world, the cartooning process, and the context behind some of of his strips. And, most wondrously, he reprints a few archival strips each weekday, so not only do web-savvy readers get the ordinary daily dose of A&J, but about three to five additional blasts from the past.

A few months ago Mr. Johnson announced that he was taking requests for strips, and I had already sent in a request prior to that, with a nice little caveat about “I don’t know if you take requests, but…” It seemed too quick to fire off the same request, so I waited until what seemed like the appropriate time. It wasn’t until he mentioned that some sequences where he abandoned traditional structure and went off on a tangent from the ordinary “family-friendly” comic strip format, that I felt I could do so. For it was this very aspect that got me to read the strip regularly, after finding a truly bizarre sequence where Arlo takes a break from appearing in the strip and has an alligator stand in for him. Really good cartooning, he mentions POGO in the commentary, and I get an online shout-out; what could be better?

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