Election: Don’t Panic

2 November, 2004 at 5:01 am (body politic, film)

When you vote today, make sure you actually hit the right button.*

Don't Panic!

Actually, the above image has nothing to do with electioneering, but is instead from Sony’s Official HITCH-HIKERS’ GUIDE TO THE GALAXY website, which is currently scant on content. However, the initial Macromedia Flash presentation has a sparkling eight humorous animations. Don’t just click the button twice, reload and keep clicking and reload again to get the full sampling. I’d also point you towards the teaser trailer, but it’s mostly just special effects and spacescapes (a word that is achingly close to being a palindrome), and features no prominent Kenny Baker or Zooey Deschanel, so I won’t bother.

*There are a number of ‘blogs quoting a story about Texas voter fraud, which claims that it is “for real”. I have yet to delve into the professional news reportage about it, so I’m choosing to believe that this is grass-roots party paranoia-mongering at the moment. Be careful what down-to-the-wire decisions you make in the heat of worry and adrenaline, and don’t believe everything you hear in the next twenty-four hours.


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