Official Kaiju Bootleg

16 August, 2004 at 10:44 pm (benjamin, imdblr)

Got the Official DVD Bootleg from Kaiju Big Battel today, and there is definitive evidence of both Peter and me in the trailer for the upcoming Swarm feature. I rack in a fantastic three visible appearances with two offscreen or weapon-only shots, while Pete makes do with two recognizable cameos and the same number of offscreen or special effects appearances.

Granted, almost all of the above tally occur for mere fractions of a blurry second. We each have one clear, obvious moment of screen time, but Pete’s hand gets another few seconds of very obvious camera time, so he wins on that front.

For those of you without the DVD or with crappy Pause/Still functions on your player or computer, here are some stills from the trailer:

Click on image for helpful identity guide

I’m in off-blue, on the right, with the dagger and the hair.
Uchu Chu is about to land on Peter, who is offscreen.

Click on image for helpful identity guide

Peter is dead center, with rusty pipe raised over his head.

Click on image for helpful identity guide

In order from right to left:
The big blurry maroon thing is Commuminion, then Pete, then me.

Still can’t figure out where we are in the above images? Click on each for images with clearer indication.


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