Kaiju: Superwrong

2 May, 2004 at 5:46 pm (benjamin, performance)

Finally got my webcam back up and running...If Kaiju is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

The inimitable James A. Wu has been working for Kaiju since he left his previous job at Comicopia, and is starring as the Asian Scotsman in Kaiju’s upcoming, as-of-yet untitled DVD. It was advertized as The Swarm in the trailer that premiered in between battels during the May 1st event. It was a welcome sight, as it had been since December that any pertinent information about the “Unsanctioned” Battel had been released from the Kaiju offices. Those photographs from the filming were thrilling in their way, but the Swarm trailer was wonderful. Specifically because Peter and I could each identify ourselves and our contributions to the melée. Now Kaiju simply needs to make it available on their Bideo Entertainment area, so that we can sent the link to everyone we know.

Anyway, it was fantastic to see James in person, if but briefly, and marvelous to see him in full Tartan-O-Vision on the big screen. And he gave me the Superwrong sign as pictured above, which became an object of both jealousy and total confusion as I carried it with me from the event and into the T. It made me feel like I needed to march up and down with it, like a lost and totally inappropriate refugee from the March For Women’s Lives. The sign also served to identify me as someone who had just been to the Kaiju event, which meant that more than a half dozen people came right up to me and started up conversations with me about the event, about the sign, about Kaiju in general. What was it about the sign? It didn’t say ASK ME ABOUT: KAIJU. It didn’t spell out the word “Approachable”, but somehow it intimated this very adjective to passers by.


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