Lost Time

12 March, 2003 at 4:31 am (benjamin, clerical, dear diary)

Fixated. I feel like I’ve spent all day fiddling with my computer. Working on The Brothel for a good part of the afternoon, trying to follow Nick Locking’s directions on how to personalize colors and format choices. Then home where my irritation with my inability to download a particular BitTorrent file led me to the Digital Archive Project which led me in turn to eDonkey which led me to fiddling about with Mac OS X’s UNIX emulator, Terminal. Flush with my partial success at installing eDonkey, I decided that had the ability to install the CLI version of UnRar for the Mac as well. Which led me to remember that I couldn’t get that webcam driver to work the other day…

Long story short, I remembered what it is about computers that attracted me to them so much years ago: the ability to lose all sense of time as one spirals around the gravity well of perfection, getting ever closer with each successive pass. Time stretches and eventually loses all meaning in a gravity well, and I love the possessive way in coding and commands and tinkering and noodling can leave one gasping for air and sleep when one finally surfaces and switches off the cathode ray gun. And while air and sleep are sweet after such a dive into the darkness of minutiae, I find that the lure of minutiae remains undiminished the next morning…

I, however, have 150 pages to read before tomorrow, and now I have four fewer hours in which to read them. Time to make some tea.

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