Textual Imagery

29 October, 2004 at 10:17 pm (music)

Thought this was amazing, and a nice change of pace from the last blog entry. Sarah McLachlan took the $150,000 budget for her new video, worked with director Sophie Muller to film the video for a production cost of $15, and donated $148,270 to eleven different international aid charities.

Composite frames from Sarah McLachlan's WORLD ON FIRE video.Yes, there is a small monetary discrepancy in there, one that I’m assuming went to pay Muller, McLachlan, and whoever did the computer animation that accompanies the stock footage that Muller incorporated into the body of the video. Personally, I think that the anim looks like the house style and work of Studio MK12, but have yet to find any confirmation. I suppose I could just e-mail Fraction, but that seems forward. Also, he has intimated that many people are “borrowing” their look and techniques, so I’d hate to find out that it was being done by a rip-off competitor, as that would spoil my cheerful illusions.

Two last points: The video is structured in a way that one can watch it whether one actually enjoys Ms. McLachlan’s music or not. Like many things that are text-based, one finds oneself reading without listening. All of this makes it a music video that doesn’t do a great job of advertizing the single, as I still don’t know what it sounds like. However, it should help the video to transcend taste, even if it’s not going to be able to cross every political boundary. Secondly, the video is supposedly available for download on iTunes, although I can only find it available to watch in Alternative :: McLachlan :: Video. Don’t forget, iTunes is available for both PC and Macintosh computers, and is perhaps the best way of organzing one’s MP3s, so you should download it regardless of your intentions to watch the video. Really.

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