The Ring

20 February, 2003 at 6:19 pm (uncategorized)

Just before you die, the last thing you see is...Snow day again this week. I love those. I plan on working in the educational system in the Northeast for the rest of my life: not because I like students, but because I want to be blessed with the unexpected God-given holidays that are snow days. I have have said something along these lines before, but it is a irregularly occurring little blessing that makes me happy each time. And each time it sets off this small litany of hallelujahs and celebrations.

Anyway, I walk into work in the morning, and the snow that had collected in the skylight above my desk was in the configuration as pictured to the left in Figure 1. I don’t know what had caused the snow to melt in that way… and it wasn’t at all in that shape in the skylight to my right — which is on the same side of the building.

So it’s a mystery, and frankly, I’m convinced in my paranoid manner that this was a prank being pulled on my by one of the various people that know precisely how much I was freaked out by the film THE RING. Because, as any right-thinking person knows: a) no one should actually be scared by a cheap remake of a truly fearsome Japanese horror film, and b) no one should actually be scared by a film directed by the guy who brought us MOUSE HUNT and THE MEXICAN.

Yes, yes… that’s precisely how much of a wuss I am.

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