Accumulation and Icicle Envy

6 January, 2003 at 3:00 pm (uncategorized)

The accumulated snow on the landing of my wooden fire escape — doesn’t that sound functional? — has gotten so deep as to reach the height of the window of my screen door. That’s actually only twenty inches of snow, but the fact that my screen door opens out makes me even more worried about the usefulness of that fire escape. I live forty-five seconds from a fire station, close enough that my friends from new York City are regularly surprised to hear a greater instance of sirens on my end of the telephone line than from out their windows. So, in the event of a conflagration, one hopes that the inability to open my door to my almost-certainly-already-burning stairs to safety wouldn’t matter much.

Also, while we’re in weather report mode, I was pleased to measure a forty-three inch icicle hanging from my eaves this morning. I was less impressed with my apartment when I found that the apartment below has icicles at least ten inches longer, as does my office building. I’d mention something about how shorter icicles means better insulation and less wasted heat, but I don’t believe it would successfully defend me against accusations of icicle envy.

I have updated the Cackles of Compassion playlist, so any listeners just joining our program already in progress can now hear music by Ellis Paul, Mike Doughty, Was (Not Was), Aphex Twin, Deb Talan, and — because I’m ever so trendy — Tatu. Enjoy.

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