24 July, 2002 at 2:16 am (uncategorized)

Dean Kamen's SegwayOkay, so you wanted it to be a rocket-pack.

When the rumors went flying about the country and every newspaper was rifling through patent applications trying to find out what the mysterious “IT” was, and why it was codenamed “Ginger” according to internal memos, the only solid thing that we knew was that it pertained to individual personal transport.

When IT was revealed to be a scooter, and the much-touted revolutionary technological advances had to do with gyroscopes and body-position-response sensors, the general public was not impressed, depite video imagery of Barbara Walters tooling about on one on some morning show. The disappointed, grumbling public ceased looking towards Manchester, NH as a wellspring for the future but instead chose to curse us for releasing Adam Sandler upon the world.

Well, you are all fools. I have seen a Segway and its sister creation the I-Bot. They are innovation incarnate. They make you want to press buttons and twist knobs and experiment and build stuff. They smell of science, sex, and speed, and they are jaw-droppingly futuristic. They are solid special effects. Believe me.

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