My Right Ear is Very Red

25 February, 2002 at 4:50 am (uncategorized)

I pretty much spent all of Saturday on the phone.

Nate and I talked for more than two hours — the lion’s share being a discussion about my lack of love life, a topic my concerned friends and family can’t get enough of — I answered two wrong number calls, and I spent about forty minutes answering questions about bookstores for a lovely young woman out in Provo, Utah. Then I turned on the computer and proceeded to occupy my phone lines while working on the nonsense section of the site.

I was sick with pneumonia last month, and so I haven’t called anyone since January, ’cause I have nothing interesting to talk about and have run out of ways to say, “I am full of phlegm!!!” So it was an odd experience. My right ear is very red.

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